Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Success Story

I am against self-promotion when blogging but I guess a teacher and an author gets revived when receiving praise for his work. My book Ace The DLPT-Arabic Edition has been a success story in the military circuits and I am very proud of it. I designed it using the latest techniques in computational linguistics to guarantee that when you read it, and do all 406 exercises, you will pass any standardized Arabic test in existence with flying colors. Since the book got published, many people who followed my instructions have proven that Ace The DLPT delivers on its promise. Chief L.B is just one example. Here is what he says (some details were omitted to preserve identity):

Just wanted to relay a little success story for you and your book.

As you recall after attending your class in *** I achieved the highest scores ever in the 13 years I had been taking the DLPT I was a 3/3 (raw scores were 50/52) after your excellent instruction in December of '03.
After returning to *** I studied a bit, but not as much as I could have. In January of '04 I attended a 4 week class at our JLC. The instruction was good, but not up to the Jabra standard. Despite the one extra week I came out of the class with lower DLPT scores, 2/3 (raw scores were 44/52) My lowest listening score in a very long time.

Since January of '04 I have been extremely busy. My work did not afford me the opportunity to attend a class. I knew that I would not be able focus only on language. In October I started using your book almost exclusively. I read each night (almost). I loaded your audio onto my MP3 player and listened as I folded clothes, did chores, drove to and from work.

On Friday 3 March I took my DLPT, a bit nervous. I felt good about the listening and breezed through the reading, finishing the 65 passages in just under an hour. I've been waiting on pins and needles since then.

Today I received my scores. Without any formal training throughout the year, only your fabulous book to guide me I scored the highest I've ever scored in my 16.5 years as a linguist, 3/3 (raw scores of 56/54, 60 being perfect).