Friday, March 25, 2005

Finally, My First Book Is Done!

This book might as well be my baby! Nine full months of non-stop work, design, and a very hard labor. I realized last year while working for the Department of Defense that our military students of Arabic lack a real resource they can use to prepare for their Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT). Something that they can use when they have no access to the Internet or when they don't want to travel far for a refresher course or even when they don't have the resources to prepare for a refresher course. Many of our National Guard don't even have abundant resources to prepare for the test other than the six hours a month that their local unit provides, which is by no means sufficient to prepare. ACE The DLPT, Arabic Edition was created to fill that void. It is a book and a companion CD you can take with you wherever you go and use to conveniently prepare for the test. You can purchase the book at Global Language System's website and use this companion blog as a resource while you prepare for the test. On this blog I will have news relating to the Arabic Language, links to websites that I suggest students use while preparing for the test or working on their Arabic plus a multitude of other thing related to the language. I hope that you will enjoy the experience!